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scorpion panorama tn
Scorpion Panorama
Inkjet print
8x40 in. 2007
queen nefertiti tn
Queen Nefertiti
Inkjet print
8x30 in. 2007
small portrait
Small Portrait
Inkjet print
8x5 in. 2007
belt tn
Inkjet print
18x11 in. 2007
glassburger thumbnail
Inkjet print
11x18 in. 2007
Inkjet print
15x5.6 in. 2007
Photo stills from Silver Lake Temple Virgil Beverly
Inkjet prints
32x21 in. 2007
street glass
Scott Ave, Inkjet print
21x16 in. 2006
Tumbleball, Inkjet prints
16x19 in. 2006
Mountain Dew, Inkjet print
20x25 in. 2006
Wilder, Series of four prints
8x10 in. 2006
Werewolf, Inkjet print
20x42 in. 2006
Sisters, Inkjet print
9 x 25 in. 2005

Two cities are depicted in this image. Time and space ripples as two young women move through both cities simultaneously.

Squirrel, Inkjet print
29 x 24 in. 2005

Photography and freehand drawing merge. Questions of captioning and sequencing are at play.

Milksnake, Inkjet print
20 x 30 in. 2005

Snake imagery joins milk label design to form an energetic composition. Wholesome meets venomous within an intersection of mass-produced image with hand drawing.
Cages, Inkjet print
38 x 41 in. 2005

A drawing is created from digital images that were gathered from the Internet. King Cobras are removed from their cages and their castoff forms move freely around the composition.

Sand In The Wound, Inkjet print
42 x 60 in. 2004

A beach towel preserves the impression of a body. The plane of the fabric melds with the body print as the sail boat motif jabs at the body like a knife.

The Gap, image + installation view
Inkjet Print
72 x 80 in. 2004

Part of the Open The Gap installation. An illusionistic cave is formed from denim fabric. A mysterious drone accompanies the piece via hidden speakers.